Business Development


Business Development

Building Solid Foundations For Growth

In our experience, small business owners are frequently juggling all aspects of their venture - Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Delivering - with little to no time spare to keep an objective view of their business direction. Why not let us help with your juggling.


With over 30 years business support and development experience across all sectors, why not have a no commitment chat with us at our expense and see what we can do to help drive you forward.

How We Help

  • We LISTEN. By listening to understand we can help you to regain the view of the 'wood from the trees'.
  • We LISTEN. 'Consultants' and 'Marketers' often try to offer you the latest 'thing', or some 'silver bullet' - we listen to you and your passion to help you regain your sense of control.
  • We LISTEN. We use our experience and expertise to work with you on planning and delivering your business plans and growth.
Ian A Johnstone

Managing Director

Ian Johnstone
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