Web Design and Development


Website Design and Development

Web Design
Modern, Fully Responsive HTML5 Bespoke Websites

No matter your business size, we work with you to design, develop and host your website.

We use a staged method to ensure you are entirely happy with each aspect before moving to the next. YOU have ownership and control. YOU are involved with the design and development every step of the way.

How Do We Do This?

  • Consider designing and building your perfect house? There are 4 key steps:
  • 1. ARTIST'S IMPRESSION. We first develop a picture (Artist's Impression) to get an understanding of colours, shapes, layouts etc..
  • 2. ARCHITECT'S DESIGN. Before a builder can build he needs a design plan. Your website is the same. We design and draw up the framework design for the site.
  • 3. THE BUILD. The builder now builds your house - but it has no decoration, or furniture. We build your website and test it, making sure everything is working.
  • 4. THE DECORATOR. The house is now painted, carpeted and furnished. We load your content (decorate your site) and we GO LIVE!

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